TREKMOSS™ is the brand that provides its customers with the best Trekking, Adventure, Survival gears which are tested in a rigorous condition to obtain high performance in real-life scenarios.

We believe in change, DO YOU?

The foundation of Trekmoss was laid on certain beliefs. They were hard to achieve but we didn't give up!

Our vision was to help people working for a Preservation of our Biodiversity. We planned that we will donate the Percentage Profit From Each Sale to the Organisation who are in collaboration with us.

We created a Blog Names "THE CAUSE" to spread awareness about the threats we face. Our Blog covers many areas on which organizations are currently working towards conservation, preservation, and monitoring of environmental hazards. 


We started as a retailer and the business was good, as it is for others. Soon we came in contact with the Organisations which were working towards animal welfare's, our initial concern was to ask what is trust doing for Near Extinct Northern White Rhino, they told us the facts and its impact. We started to learn and understand overall working of these organization, soon we fell so much in love with the Idea and  with the impact it caused, not only on one project but on so many other projects that we dedicated our brand more towards spreading awareness than selling Goods and started collecting funds ( in the form of profit ) to help make the Change.

Our team collects the bundle of data to create a knowledgeable content, so the people who visit our site can learn about the impact that our daily needs have caused to our motherland, and how environmentalists are trying to fight those impacts in order to make a better world. 

We knew since all our customers are basically nature enthusiast, naturally, they have concern towards Conservation, which put us all in the same table. We made certain that when you buy, YOU FEEL GOOD NOT JUST SATISFIED! 😊