Microplastic and Ocean Conservation

This is our motherland and we are solely responsible for its growth or destruction

Our planet has given us more than what is needed for our survival but what have we done in return ?

We polluted it to the point of no return !

Mariana Trench is the deepest point on earth, and only a few researchers have dared to reach it. In fact, even today, we are struggling to find new species that may exist there. But guess what our own created plastic has already reached there before us. YES! in the latest study, our researchers brought some samples of water from challengers deep and thereby discovered micro-plastic in it. The issue is so concerning that many organizations have started to collect funds for raising awareness on this issue.

Plastic pollution has taken the form of a global crisis in today's world. It takes around 500 to 1000 years to completely degrade due to the presence of complex polymers. As a result, 80% of the manufactured plastic is still littering in some form or the other on the planet. According to Greenpeace, 13 million tons of this plastic ends up in our oceans. The World Economic Forum study done on plastic pollution around the world shows that oceans will have more numerous plastics than fish by 2050 if plastic pollution continues to rise.

Our dependence upon plastic also has a more severe downside, because we produce so much of it, and discard so much of it away. According to Parker's research analysis, out of the 9.1 billion tons (8.3 billion metric tons) of plastic that the world has manufactured since 1950, 6.9 billion tons (6.3 billion metric tons) have become trash, and only 9 percent of that has been recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and in the world's oceans, where plastic pollution is ravaging wildlife and washing up on beaches.

Image result for great pacific garbage patch


This is not any ordinary image, nor any hoax, it is the reality which is currently known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It is an alarming fact that our world needs our help./p>


ANSWER - To be honest, the answer is dangling between YES and NO. We can cure the situation to some extent, but it is impossible to eliminate it if we don't act now! Micro-Plastic will not only enter our Food Chain but will also cause a significant threat to marine biodiversity. We are living in a plastic era, and today it is pretty challenging to avoid plastic, but finding alternatives to everyday usage items ain't that burdensome as well. As you exclude plastic from your life, you're not only cutting your own contribution to the waste stream, you're modeling more sustainable living for those around you.


We are simply the middle-men trying to spread awareness about the aforesaid cause. There are many campaigns that are working towards this Goal, and our team is associated with one. We ensure that each product we sell on site, has its share towards the betterment of mankind. We do this by donating a certain percentage of our profit from each sale we make towards The Cause.

So let’s get together and help those who are working towards the goal of cleaning our oceans. Show your contribution and give a donation to their cause. This is the direct link to the organization involved in such activities:GVI Trust or GlobalGiving

Remember each product you buy from our store has it's share towards a better tomorrow!



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