Massive Coral Bleaching

According to World Economic Forum (WEF), only 1% of ocean floor is covered with coral reef and yet 25% off all fish species spend small part of their cycle in one.

Why are corals so Important?

  • Coral reefs are the most diverse ecosystem in the planet.
  • Coral Reefs have a tendency to naturally provide coastal protection.
  • Thousands of marine species as well as humans depend on the fish from reefs.
  • It is said that whenever corals face mass destruction all species of marine life depended on it face mass reduction

In last 30 years  world’s total coral reef population is reduced to half and reasons are, rise in temperature of ocean and its acidification. Coral reefs are very delicate and can be easily affected by temperature, over-fishing, pollution and sedimentation that cloud the water and obstruct sunlight.

When stressed by the changes in environment Corals expel Symbiotic Algae which live in its inner layer of skin. This causes them to turn white, giving bleached appearance. Healthy corals depend on these Micro Algae to survive, Algae feeds coral and in return Coral provides Algae with shelter. Without Algae, Corals lose their major food source and starves.

Note – Corals can recover from bleaching, but if environmental stress continues and reefs are left without Algae for the extended period of time then they will eventually die.

Mere rise of temperature i.e. 1°C – 2°C is enough to turn coral white.

Between March and May 2019 cord bleaching event occurred in Seychelles, surface sea temperature increased to 31°C and caused widespread damage to the reef in the area. This was the third significant cord bleaching event, earlier Seychelles lost up to 90% of its corals in 1998.

Many organizations are working towards the Goal of saving corals from such events either by gathering data on the daily basis for further scientific analysis or by planting new corals on the sea bed for conservation purpose. Process is long but with small steps feat of saving most diverse ecosystem in the planet can be achieved.

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