Global Warming Explained In Less Than 150 Words

The generic definition of Global Warming is, the global rise in temperature of the Earth is known as global warming.


Definitely, we have read this over and over again in our elementary school days, so what’s catchy here? Well, for starters, the global temperature rises due to many factors; some of them are natural occurrences as well. But since the beginning of the industrial age in the 1950s, the global temperature has been rising exponentially. Before the industrialization took place i.e., between 1850 and 1900, the entire global temperature rise that took place was 1-degree Celsius. And now, the temperature is increasing at an alarming rate of 0.2-degree Celsius per decade. These numbers seem to be small, but when looked from a global point of view, it's huge, and its already causing a lot of havoc in numerous fields.


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