Climate Alteration the Moment of Truth

“Are we on a verge of Global Calamity?”

Yes, in fact, “Currently we are facing the global catastrophes” but rather than fighting it, we are adapting ourselves to it on a daily basis! Whether its frequent development of hurricanes in international water or extreme rainfall around the World. Whether it's Heat Wave in Northern Europe or a snowfall occurrence in places like UAE.

Whether it’s Increase in the Production of UV Protection Lotions or the Raising Business of Pure Breathable Air compressed in CANS!

 We are not trying to RESOLVE the critical situation; in fact, we are trying to SOLVE the problem without knowing the practicality of the current situation!

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Carbon Di Oxide (CO2) is not just gas, it is a life-altering agent, an increasing amount of it can create an ecosystem and extreme amount of it can destroy the ecosystem. Researchers know the fact that CO2 helps to create a denser atmosphere which is a first condition for supporting life, as denser atmosphere helps in an average increase of global temperature. But the times are passed when the level of CO2 emission was below critical.
Now, we are facing extreme levels of CO2 emission at a global level, and results associated with it are catastrophic in nature.

What caused an increase in the CO2 level?

We humans and our careless attitude towards the environment is the major cause. It’s not like we lack the knowledge of conservation but we simply lack the awareness which is mandatory for taking note of the current situation. There are multiple factor’s responsible for the increase in CO2 level like

  • Increase in Industrial growth to overcome population demand.
  • Deforestation to form farmlands or industrial areas.
  • Increased number of carbon-emitting vehicles.
  • Population Boom.
  • Reduction in the population of marine plants and etc.

But the bigger question which arises here is the impact which we are currently facing due to these factors.

  • Alteration in Precipitation Pattern :

Precipitation patterns across the globe are changing and it is so frequent that the majority of the countries with major rivers are facing the threat of flood more frequently than ever before. The situation is only expected to get worse by 2025 if accurate measurements are not taken soon.

  • Warming Oceans :

Change in temperature is not limited to lands, 71% of our planet’s surface is covered with ocean and hence there is a drastic change in its temperature which is causing great to the world marine life. The study shows since 1969 top 700mtrs of the ocean surface have shown a rise of 0.22°C. Not only that, MASSIVE CORAL BLEACHING is another big concern pointing towards this direction.

  • Shrinking Ice Sheets :

Every now and then we hear about the melting glaciers, but no one tends to understand the seriousness of this topic. If we talk about the numbers, in the year between 1993 and 2016 Greenland lost 286 billion tons/year while Antarctica lost 127 billion tons/year of the ice sheet.

The number might seem low, but we must not forget there are thousands of glaciers on our planet which are being affected at a similar level and are unmonitored. Taking in a note, just over the past decade “Antarctica Ice Mass Loss” has tripled.

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