7 Ways Of Combating Climate Crisis

Climate is changing, and time has gone past when we could turn our backs on the issue. The impact of climate change is no more limited to just educational textbooks. We can witness it around us in the form of rising sea levels, extreme weather events, deforestation, extinction of animal and plant species, agricultural crisis, and so much more. But what are we doing to fight climate change? Below given are seven simple ways in which each one of us can contribute to making a change.

  •  Choose Green Commute
    Every day a large number of people travel to work in private cars and bikes, emitting a large amount of CO2. We can rather use sustainable transportation such as bicycles, it will maintain our health and our planet’s health as well. In the case of long-distance, public transport is always a better option. When you are planning to travel across cities, try to go for trains as planes emit a huge amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. 
  • Cut Down On Energy Generated From Non-Renewable Resources
    Power your home using solar energy by installing solar panels on your rooftop, change the light-bulbs to LED’s, check if your electricity supplier is buying clean energy, replace the gas stove with an electric stove, get your home energy audit done to minimize the consumption of energy 
  • Get A Home Energy Audit
    Getting a home energy audit done means, checking how much energy your home consumes. They suggest ways in which you can cut down the usage of energy consumption. They also calculate the carbon footprints your home is generating and how you can minimize that. 
  • Reduce Your Carbon Foot Prints By Embracing Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
    Many people across the globe are embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle to fight climate change. If you look around, you will find that you are completely surrounded by plastic. This plastic after disposal ends up in our oceans and chokes the marine life thriving inside. Plastic is just an example, we can cut down on a lot more if we educate ourselves to lead a sustainable life. 
  • Make Your Diet Climate Friendly
    The rising amount of cattle creates methane, which is one of the greenhouse gases. If we cut down on meat consumption, we are already contributing to fighting the climate emergency. Other things which can be practiced are: grow your own greens, support an urban farm, reduce food waste, don’t drink bottled water which comes in plastic packages. 
  • Plant More Greens
    Our forest cover has already been cut down to shreds. This has given rise to global warming. If we reestablish the green cover as much as we can, we can provide the carbon someplace to reside rather than accumulating in the atmosphere. Planting trees has numerous benefits such as it cleans the air, produces oxygen, brings down the global temperature, saves water, prevents water pollution, prevents soil erosion, provides food, and many more.   
  • Educate The Ones Around You
    There can’t be a better service than educating the ones around you. Spreading awareness and guiding your family, friends, and community members will give rise to more people who are aware of the do’s and don’t. This will create an impact on their lives. Thus they will educate more people, and the information will spread along the human chain.


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