4 Unexplored Trek for Nature Lovers

Phnom Kulen, (Cambodia) 

Covered with natural flora and fauna and populated by beautiful species of birds this mountain range has an extraordinary view of waterfalls. Unexplored to many and touched by only a few, you can occasionally find Buddhist monks meditating in remote areas of the range. 

Once a Kingdom of Jayavarman II this place used to thrive with Sculptures and Monuments with the unique scripting on rocks. After the collapse of the empire, it was left untouched for many decades only to reappear as a National Park.

Hop on an Adventure and try to spot ancient stone carvings in the riverbed and explore the area's several hidden pagodas. The region is known for its beautiful waterfalls where you may take a dip.

Prashar Lake, (India)

Though India is known for many religious as well as Vedic destinations, it is well known among adventures for Great Himalayas, but do you know surrounded by the Himalayas there is a lake in Himachal Pradesh know as Prashar Lake at a height of 9000 feet above sea level and with the circumference of 1.5 Km, the lake is fed by glacial and rain waters. The most fascinating part of the lake is the Floating Island at its center. The island is made of regular landmass and covers 29% of the area while the water content is about 71%. Coincidentally, that is exactly the proportion of land and water on the planet, which also led to the speculation that this is some mythical, microcosmic representation of the Earth. There is no recorded depth of the lake because local beliefs prevent people from plumbing its depths, so no one really knows how deep the water is. Adding to this mystery, the island floats across the lake and changes its position around the year.

Appalachian Trail, Georgia, (USA)

Known by many completed by few,  this 2,190 miles (3,524 km) trek takes 4-6 months to complete! Those who have completed it says it's addictive and one in the lifetime experience. The whole AT is protected by the organization who teach the visitors about its significance. If you wish to take 3 months' time off from your busy life then this is the place you should visit. Appalachian Trail Conservancy is the organisation who manages all the hike and provides the visitors with the best instructions, in order to achieve it. Do not forget to visit their very interactive and knowledgeable website.

Hut River (Australia)

Hut River is around 300 miles west of major Australian city Perth. It is well known for its pink lake, beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and "Hut River Province".

The principality of Hut River (Hut River Province) is a country within a country that is not recognized as a country by other Countries. Housed by only 23 people and with a landmass of approx. 29 Sq. Miles. 

This place is a paradise for people who love isolation and trekking at the same time.



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